Two recent tracks to test soundcloud

Is Soundcloud Flickr for audio? Just trying out the embedded player to see if it works for me, I may go to a mini flash player and MP3 download if I can find some free hosting...

Here are a few tracks I've been working on - it's been a long while since I've had the studio set-up and it feels good to work the gear again.

Azuero - Coban by Azuero

Azuero - Newly Minted Stranger by Azuero

Score! Abandoned vinyl in Montreal

Ah, signs of spring in Montreal:
Folks are wearing shorts when it's 5 degrees above freezing; All the frozen dog shit that's collected over the last six months melts on the same day.
And people chuck stuff - glorious stuff - onto the sidewalk:

I've found a lot of good records on the street over the years, but never a score like I found this afternoon.

This shit is *mint* and obsessively well organised. They're organized by label, CBS, Capitol, RCA... The guy wrote the date and location of purchase in pencil on each sleeve. Freaky...

I'll have to edit the best tracks and do a mix, there's some great stuff here:
Sylvester, Chic, Odyssey, Blondie, Eddy Grant, weird french disco, Philly Intrtl All in original colour sleeves
Instrumental of Rockwell "Sombody's Watching Me" on Motown, some tight Quincy Jones productions too.
A Francois Kevorkian Remix of Kraftwerk Tour De France, Little Louie Vega mix on Tommy Boy from 1988. There's a quebec produced 45 here from St-Leonard that could almost be Air...