Dead Formats

Sidewalk Sounds Vol. 1

The first mix set exclusively from the box of 45s I found on the sidewalk a few weeks back. Plenty of 80's B-side oddness and edits. 

Sidewalk Sounds Vol. 1
Let Loving Start - Thompson Twins
Paint a Rumour [edit] - Eurythmics
Don Juan [edit] - Pet Shop Boys
Fade to Grey - Visage
Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin' - Jermaine Jackson feat. Michael Jackson
Can't Slow Down - Lionel Richie
Automatic - Pointer Sisters
Tour de France (Francois Kevorkian remix) - Kraftwerk
Push It 7"remix [edit] - Salt-N-Pepa
Sombody's Watching Me (Instrumental) - Rockwell
I Like Chopin (instrumental) [edit] - Gazebo
Symphony for Michael Opus 2 - Eddie Grant
Piano - Midge Ure
The Search - Larry Carlton and Michel Colombier
This is Not America - David Bowie & Pat Metheny

Jewels in the dust

Man, I have been cashing-in on some record-digging karma lately. I randomly stopped by one of those sketchy old TV-repair places you see around Montreal. Tiny dark box of a storefront, shit stacked high to the ceiling, full of cigarette smoke. A surprised-looking owner, visibly annoyed to actually have to be selling something to someone.

A few choice dollar records - mint.
Bobbi Humphrey - Flute-In. Fantastic cover design on this Applause Records release.

Different Bobby, same label, same cover designer. Really smooth Bobby Hutcherson sound, gets deep, and better with each listen.

This one's hot. Silk was Stanley Clarke, Ronnie Foster, Ndugu, Tom Browne, Stanley Turrentine, Eric Gale, George Benson, Dave Valentin, Wynton Marsalis, Todd Cochran, Sammy Figueroa, and Manolo Badrena.
With an instantly recognizable cover from photographer Pete Turner - Who did all kinds of classic jazz record covers

Not bad for a few bucks.

MPUtoDSP check Error

A feckin' $8 Motorola chip has rendered my Korg MS2000R useless
I'm able to make use of it as MIDI knob controller, but it's sure frustrating to be missing the sound.

This is not something you can get out with your soldering iron. read something about hot-air rework stations for IC removal. Korg will replace the entire motherboard for $500 plus labour. Their way of saying "buy a new synth, ya feker." I'll see if I can find a place in montreal that can do this sort of work. Maybe Addison Electric?

The MS2000R was an early analog modelling synth; with a thin, lame filter, poor effects and a paltry 4-voice polyphony - but despite the specs it just sounded great and was super easy to use. I loved the leads and textures you could get out of it. The motion sequencer, external input, virtual patch and vocoder are great features.

It was the only bit of kit I've ever bought new - and the only bit of kit ever to go seriously wrong.
It's sitting beside it's Korg MS-10 ancestor which has been perfectly functional since 1973.

The MS-10 also has an external input, and I've got the bus out of my mixer connected to that External signal in. Now I can run anything from the desk through the excellently dirty 12db resonant filter. The input overdrives nicely and really gives overly clean   synths and drum machines an edge. Love it.

Record Shop Day 2011

Record Shop Day 2011. Felt good to be in a real shop and get the fingers flipping again.

The budget is tight at the moment, but I was happy to make an exception for International Record Shop Day. Stopped by Aux 33 Tours in Montreal, great to see a line-up to the cash register! (First time I've said that about a line-up)

A real gem from original Afro-Latino bad-ass Joe Bataan
This is one of those records that convinces you that it's been around longer than it really has. I figured it was an early 70's reissue till I saw the Neil Sugarman credit on the back. It's Gabriel Roth with his Daptone Studio doin' what they do best in Brooklyn.

Y tambien, que rico este disco! Got that rough Cubano edge of a live one-room, one-take recording. Perfection - can't fake it. Heard that same sound in the Yucatan, Mexico. You'd see big groups of old-school musicians -lots of brass, percussion, bass, guitars - They'd gather in the town squares on weekends after dark, they'd bang-out tunes just like this, with all the folks dancing.

A couple dollar bin specials too at another place on Mont-Royal

A nice early 80's George Benson album, some dope synth basslines and chord-progressions. (Easy on the makeup George)

AEP-002 Azuero Hassle Free Zone

A few fresh tracks from the past several weeks, I'll be providing a link to a zip-file mp3 download in a bit.
Enjoy the tunes, let me know what you think in the comments.

Hassle Free Zone by Azuero