Record Shop Day 2011

Record Shop Day 2011. Felt good to be in a real shop and get the fingers flipping again.

The budget is tight at the moment, but I was happy to make an exception for International Record Shop Day. Stopped by Aux 33 Tours in Montreal, great to see a line-up to the cash register! (First time I've said that about a line-up)

A real gem from original Afro-Latino bad-ass Joe Bataan
This is one of those records that convinces you that it's been around longer than it really has. I figured it was an early 70's reissue till I saw the Neil Sugarman credit on the back. It's Gabriel Roth with his Daptone Studio doin' what they do best in Brooklyn.

Y tambien, que rico este disco! Got that rough Cubano edge of a live one-room, one-take recording. Perfection - can't fake it. Heard that same sound in the Yucatan, Mexico. You'd see big groups of old-school musicians -lots of brass, percussion, bass, guitars - They'd gather in the town squares on weekends after dark, they'd bang-out tunes just like this, with all the folks dancing.

A couple dollar bin specials too at another place on Mont-Royal

A nice early 80's George Benson album, some dope synth basslines and chord-progressions. (Easy on the makeup George)

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